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When I was growing up, my extended family met for a meal two times a week. Fridays at Olive Garden (table for 20 anyone?) and Sundays for sandwiches at grandma and grandpa’s. So when I say that family matters to me, I actually mean that I literally don’t understand life without an overwhelming amount of time spent with them. Being shaped by them. 

So yes, I am April, the photographer. I am April and I’m an artist. But I’m also a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, and a granddaughter. 

And I wholeheartedly believe that family and the communities we create are the most important things in life - yours, as well as mine! I care so much that I will cry at your wedding, no doubt about it. I revere the people in the photos I take, and how much they mean. 

This life is so precious, so sacred.

The act of joining your life to another’s is such a privilege; the idea that someone promises to love you and be at your side through thick and thin is courageous and beautiful. It matters.

Your wedding photographs matter to me because people matter. The goodness in our lives is worth celebrating, in a beautiful and meaningful way. To do that makes us human, and alive.

So, yes, I’m a total romantic. I love Jane Austen (history? Romance? Damp and verdant British countryside? I’m in). I love my dogs. I love critiquing the MET gala fashion looks from my sofa wearing my favorite sweatshirt, and you know I’ll be in bed for 9pm given the chance.

And I cannot wait to meet you.

And I will cry at your wedding.