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Client Area – Couples

here is the dl on your couples session


  • First, WE DANCE. Because this is freaking awesome.

    But next, we start to dream. I want to hear all about your dream photoshoot. Do you have a pinterest board? I want to see it. Not because I want to copy it, but because I want to see what deep down you dream about for your session.

    I’ll send you an email with some questions in it to help me get to know y’all a little bit better and we go from there. Check out my Dream Photoshoot Guide and start dreaming to the stars.

  • I GOT YOU, BOO. Head to my dream photoshoot guide here and check out the things I think through before every session. These are things like lighting, clothes, what type of vibe I’m bringing to the shoot.

    Once you’ve done that, come at me with questions. I want to hear all ideas!

  • Ok, no joke, clothes are SUPER important. So let’s be intentional about this. First we nail down a location and a vibe. Then you go shopping – I can help here too if you want. Or I can put together a Pinterest board for you with ideas. Tell me what you need, boo.

    I’ve put together a Pinterest board with some ideas about clothes that look amazing. You don’t have to buy these clothes, but look at what you like and notice what you like about it. Do you like the movement? Don’t wear a body con dress. Don’t like the look of jeans? That’s a good start. Get ideas for textures and colors, movement and drama. And once you’ve done that, let’s chat!